I realize this is not a popular view, but today I was reminded again of the ever present issue of fear and anger that has overtaken our culture. It just rekindled my angst about guns and our American fascination with our right to bear arms…

The Texas state legislature is preparing to pass legislation to allow open carry at college campuses… ok, come on already? What’s next? Open carry at Church, work, grocery stores… so many people are already carrying concealed guns that we don’t even realize and what is this meant to provide? I guess to take them out of hiding, or perhaps to fulfill some sort of Wyatt Earp cowboy fantasy?

Now I realize I’m just an old hippy chic – Peace & Love type… And I just want us to all love each other… but, my heart is just breaking… We have become a culture of fear and anger; and love, kindness and reason are slipping away.

Does arming each and every citizen solve the problem? What kind of message are we sending to our children? That the only solution to fear and anger is creating greater fear and displaying greater anger?

I put my trust in our Police and military to provide the protection I need from aggression and violence, and I know they can’t be everywhere, but I don’t think the average citizen has had significant training to make the appropriate decisions about when and how lethal a threat is…

I realize the heinous acts of 13 years ago have forever shaken our social innocence & I remember the meaningless and random acts of violence against our children, friends, family, coworkers, & neighbors by the troubled and angry. Yes, these events are reprehensible, but do we need to be forever a nation of voices screaming in fear and responding in anger? A nation of righteous indignation? Where the quiet voices of love, kindness and reason are forever drowned out? If anything, we should be crying out for it to STOP!

After all, we as average citizens going about our average daily lives are not usually subjected to the terrorists we believe carrying a weapon would protect us from are we – really? Oh sure it could happen. And I suppose, if a random gunman entered your church, office, school, or grocery store, and began shooting, and you as a average citizen just happened to be there with your weapon strapped to your waist, you could successfully unholster and fire your weapon at the offender without harming another soul in all the excitement. It could happen…

I guess I don’t really know what the solution is but can’t we just take a collective deep breath and look at each other as who we are? Screwed up, hurting humans who need a big hug?

Much cheaper, loads less painful, and yes totally unrealistic… but it could happen; and yes, probably not, and I can dream of a more peaceful world… Yes I do pray for WORLD PEACE and fewer guns.

And you may choose to unfriendly me, and I do love you and wish you Peace.

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